We offer custom designed legend plates and labels for many industrial needs. Please call us and we can give you a free quote!

Legend Tags, Legend Plates, Selector Switch, Push Button Tags, Valve Tags, Name tags and Identification Tags

Legend Tags

We make custom Selector Switch Tags, Push Button Tags, and Identification Tags.  We Laser cut and Laser engrave every tag ourselves that way you get what ever size, shape and color you require.  All of our tags are made of an industrial standard plastic very similar to Lamicoid.  Every tag is hand cleaned and inspected before they leave our shop in order to guarantee satisfaction.

ADA Signage

ADA Signage:

Signs are 1/8" thick. Raised white text, graphics, and braille text.  Signs include frames and mounting screws.

Restroom,  Wheelchair, No Smoking, and Stairs.

Desk Holders

Desk Name Plates Holders.  They are available in Gold, Silver and Black.  We laser cut and laser engrave the name plate, many colors are available for the name plate. We offer desk and wall mounted name plates!

Name Plate Desk Wedges

We offer several different types of desk wedges that include marble, piano finish wood, wooden and acrylic.  These can be engraved directly or have a brass plate added to them, engrave up to two lines; all engraving included.